Manhattan Comedy School

Andy Engel has produced New Talent Shows in New York City for 20 years at the following clubs: Caroline’s Comedy Club, Comix, and is now the exclusive booker at Gotham Comedy Club, Levity Live!, and Metropolitan Room.

Andy is also currently a Consultant and Talent Scout for Ryan Seacrest & Mark Cuban’s AXSTV show “Gotham Comedy Live”, and an Associate Producer for David Brenner’s “What’s So Funny?”.

Our New Talent shows have been featured on BBC America’s “Crash Course with Richard Hammond”, MTV’s “Made”, and MSNBC.

"Andy was the only person I would trust to showcase a young comedian who wanted to take their career to the next level."
-Barry Katz
New Wave Entertainment
Executive Producer of Last Comic Standing
Giraldo-Greg2.jpg"Andy Engel is the king of the New Talent Show in New York City. Andy's a real pro and his shows are always great."
Greg Giraldo
Comedy Central Hour Special
Regular Panelist on "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn"
Regular on Comedy Central's Roasts
dov_davidoff_color.jpg"My experience with Andy Engel is that he creates the optimal showcase environment for making a DVD. This is not easily done. Putting a DVD together is critical to communicating what you have to offer, and there's no better place in my experience to do it."
Dov Davidoff
Comedy Central Presents Half Hour Special
"The Tonight Show"
NBC Series "Raines" starring Jeff Goldblum
eddieifft.jpg"Andy Engel's New Talent show was responsible for my career taking off. My first development deal came from a tape that was made at one of his shows. The shows are filled with an appreciative audience that encourages you to do your best. A recorded copy from those shows will always kill!"
Eddie Ifft
Comedy Central Presents Half Hour Special
Melbourne Comedy Festival
TomShillue.jpg"I've been performing on Andy's New Talent shows for years. Back when I was really 'new,' I looked at it as a high-quality show I could invite industry to. Now, as a pro, I still love to do it. Andy always mixes new talent with pros, so the audience is guaranteed a good show."
Tom Shillue
Comedy Central Presents Half Hour Special
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
garygreenberg.jpg"Whenever I wanted a new tape to send out to the industry, I would call Andy Engel about his New Talent show. He always puts together smart, enthusiastic audiences, and uses great recording equipment."
Gary Greenberg
Co-Head Writer, "Jimmy Kimmel Live"
Cory_Kahaney.jpg"Andy Engel's New Talent shows are in a class by themselves. I have never made a better quality tape to submit for jobs and that's counting NBC's Last Comic Standing finale! Over the years I have been fortunate enough to do Andy Engel's New Talent shows and I have been seen by agents, managers, comedy festivals and casting directors under the best of circumstances, which means a full house and a hot crowd. Probably my best story was getting cast in a Broadway show when the casting director was there to see someone else!"
Cory Kahaney
Comedy Central Presents Half Hour Special
HBO Half Hour Special
Finalist, Last Comic Standing
"In my business it's important to stay on top of the scene and keep aware of up-and-coming comedians around town. When you can't be everywhere at once, it is reassuring to know you can call someone with a discerning eye to hone in on emerging talent and make solid recommendations. I haven't found that person yet so for now I rely on Andy. Seriously, his passion for comedy is evident. Andy's got good taste and believes in helping comedians grow. His knowledge and enthusiasm insures that you'll benefit from the learning experience and strive to reach your goals as a comic."
Jeff Singer
Executive Consultant, Just For Laughs Comedy Festival
Segment Producer, Talkshow with Spike Feresten
Talent Producer, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn
Producer/Consultant, Eskimo Baby Productions
"Andy Engel has been a staple of the New York Comedy scene for 20 years. His sharp eye for talent and his comedic savvy has helped dozens of comics move up from the ranks from open mikes to headlining."
Brian Kiley
Emmy Award Winning Staff Writer for the Tonight Show
Regular on Leno, Letterman and Conan
Half-Hour Comedy Central Special
"Andy's New Talent shows are simply the best. No other person has helped more young comics get there first big break than Andy. Any comic who is serious about there career has to get a DVD from his show, there are no substitutes"
Campbell McLaren
President Zilo Networks
TV Producer
"When looking for talent to book on HBO's Comedy Arts Festival or NBC's PSNBC development lab, and later as a manager and producer, I always made Andy Engel's New Talent Showcases a top priority. Engel's classes encouraged emerging comedians to develop their own voices, rather than copy the techniques used by more established acts. While not every act was ready for prime time, his New Talent Showcases have always been a great way for the industry to find the best of the next wave of talent to come along. For serious students of stand-up seeking to break into both mainstream and alternative comedy, Andy Engel's New Talent Showcase is unmatched in New York City."
Lou Viola
Manager/Producer, President Street Productions, Inc.
Producing/Artistic Director, PSNBC, NBC Live Development Lab
Senior Talent Producer and Creative Consultant HBO's US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen
"I have been participating in Andy's New Talent shows for over 10 years now, first as a bringer and now as a guest. What keeps bringing me back are the enthusiastic audiences and quality of shows. Andy is the best at this stuff."
Jim Gaffigan
Late Show with David Letterman
Comedy Central Presents: Jim Gaffigan
jrhavlan.jpg"Andy Engel's New Talent shows are undeniably the best of their kind! The room is frequently packed with extremely receptive crowds, enabling new comics as well as seasoned professionals an opportunity to be involved in what is consistently one of the best shows in New York. And NOTHING beats the quality of the DVDs comics can make at these shows, which can be used for anything from finding an agent to procuring a high-profile booking. It's Andy Engel's attention and professionalism that make these shows work week in and week out. Andy is truly a blessing to the New York comedy scene."
J.R. Havlan
Five-Time Emmy Award-Winning Writer, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Late Show with David Letterman
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
jimdavid2.jpg"Andy provides an invaluable service for young comedians in New York City. He's helped countless young comedians get their start."
Jim David
Comedy Central Presents Half Hour Special
Comedy Central's USO Tour
Pete-Correale.jpg"Andy Engel's New Talent shows are a staple of the New York comedy scene. The quality of the taping, combined with the energy of the crowd, have made Andy's show a great place for me to prepare for late night television appearances. Andy puts his comedians in a position to shine. Nobody can guarantee an excited, enthusiastic crowd, but the New Talent shows always provide that. It can be frustrating when you are trying to make a tape and the crowd is small, tired, or disinterested before the show starts. That's not the case at the New Talent show. In fact, the first tape I ever submitted to get booked on Letterman, I recorded on Andy's showcase."
Pete Correale
Late Show with David Letterman
The Tonight Show
Comedy Central One Hour Special
WaliCollins.jpg"If you're serious about your comedy career then you need to do Andy Engel's New Talent Show. The DVD you get will jumpstart your career in a powerful way."
Wali Collins
One of the original hosts on Comedy Central
Late Show with David Letterman
Opening act for President Obama
gregfitzsimmons.jpg"Andy Engel produces a high quality show because he's experienced. He has worked with a lot of the best comedians in the business.


These New Talent shows are a great place to have people you respect come out to see you. It is a bad place though, to invite people who dislike you or have some kind of issue with you. Those people are best ignored."

Greg Fitzsimmons
Writer, "The Wanda Sykes Show"
"Greg Fitzsimmons Experience"
Regular on Comedy Central Roasts
MattBellace.jpg"I have benefited a great deal from the DVDs I've made on Andy Engel's New Talent show. The crowds tend to be large and responsive, and the video and audio quality is great. The most recent demo that I posted online resulted in a talent contract with Atlas Media Corporation for an upcoming reality series. I think the shows are great for comics at any level."
Matt Bellace
truTV's "The Smoking Gun Presents: World's Dumbest Criminals"
Sirius XM, Raw Dog, "Breuer Unleashed"
Howard Stern TV, "What's So Funny"
maureen-langan.jpg"I was proud to do Andy Engel's shows when I was a newcomer to standup, and I am proud to perform on them as an established professional. Andy does everything to ensure you will have a great tape - from the professionals with whom you'll be sharing the stage, to the amazing audiences, to the quality of the DVD. You just have to bring your A game"
Maureen Langan
Comics Unleashed
HBO's Actual Jokes
Opener for Joy Behar
"Over the last fifteen years I have had the pleasure of knowing and working for Andy Engel. He has worked in all aspects of entertainment from booking comedy and variety shows, wrangling the best audiences, and creating an artistic place for comics, young and old to work on their craft. His combination of skills helps to attract the top industry professionals to come see his up-and-coming talent shows."
Eddie Brill
Audience Warm-up and Talent Coordinator for The Late Show with David Letterman
Creator of The Great American Comedy Festival (honoring Johnny Carson)
Stand-up comic for 25 years
"Andy always does a great job of wrangling skilled young performers and putting together a diverse and entertaining show."
Daniel Bodansky
Manager, Dixon Talent Management
Represents Jon Stewart
"I have known and worked with Andy for almost 20 years. He has always been a consummate professional, had terrific taste and helped many comics develop their act and prepare them with the skills and tools they need to succeed in the comedy business. Comedians need to develop their voice, material, presence, presentation and brand before they are ready to be seen by the industry, Andy’s experience can help guide them through those steps so they get the most out of the opportunity to perform at one of New York’s best comedy clubs. The chance to showcase in front of talent scouts, agents, managers and bookers can only lead to terrific opportunities and open the doors people dream of opening."
Maureen Taran
Vice President of Programming for The Montreal Just for Laughs Festival
Worked 14 years as a Talent Manager. Former Clients include: Dane Cook, Wanda Sykes, Tracy Morgan, Jim Gaffigan, Dave Chappelle, Darrell Hammond, Jim Norton