Comedy Classes


Classes are held weekly for six weeks, all classes are capped at 19 students maximum.

Every week, students will take the mic and perform their set for the class, followed by personal instructor feedback and a workshop session with the rest their fellow classmates.

All Level I stand-up classes include a performance at Gotham Comedy Club, the nation's premier comedy club, accompanied by a broadcast quality, 2-camera shoot DVD of your performance which can be used as a DVD resume!

Topics Covered:

  • Inside information not found in any book
  • When/how to audition for agents and clubs
  • How to make a DVD reel that can jump start your career
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Developing your personal comedic voice

Free Workshops/Seminars

We offer occasional free workshops and seminars to our students to help you advance your career.


Q: How do you differ from your competitors?

Our faculty is in a class by itself (pardon the pun). They don't have big egos or hidden agendas and they genuinely care about their students (as evidenced by the dozens of supportive referrals and testimonials we've received over the years). Furthermore, all of our instructors are working professionals -- people who deal with the inner workings of the comedy industry every day.

Finally, upon graduation, all Stand-up Level I students receive a broadcast-quality DVD of their performance. This is the very same tape that seasoned comics receive when they perform at New Talent Shows (several of which have resulted in people getting development deals).

Q: I'm a little nervous and have never done this before. Am I going to be in a class with other beginners?

First of all, your nervousness is a good thing (it indicates that you're grounded in reality). But not to worry -- our teachers create a very safe and supportive atmosphere. And remember -- everyone in the room feels exactly the way you do.

It's important to note that at The Manhattan Comedy School, we really have only one 'hard and fast' rule that we enforce -- everyone must be supportive of their fellow students. We feel this is one of the reasons many of our students stay in touch even after graduating.

Q: Can you tell me about the graduation performance at Gotham Comedy Club?

You will perform in front of family and friends on a Sunday afternoon. All those in attendance will be either friends or family, virtually guaranteeing an audience that is supportive and encouraging. Your performance will total 5 minutes in length. Two weeks later, you will receive your DVD. Lastly, to ensure that things run even more smoothly, we hire an Emcee who has an understanding of the special nature of the show.