Manhattan Comedy School

Stand-up Comedy Classes

Every week each student gets up and tries new material in front of his/her fellow 20 students.
They do this on a microphone, which simulates more accurately what a nightclub is like.

The teacher then gives specific advice in a variety of areas:

  1. Which things to edit out, and which bits to focus on.
  2. Specific new ideas and jokes (not every time) if she sees something obvious the student might have missed.
  3. An overall critique that might include rearranging the order etc.
She then opens the floor to his or her twenty fellow students for additional feedback, which might include: a stronger punch line, tighter set –up or a whole new direction to explore.

The teacher will often include specific tips that can be applied such as:

The class is very much like a writers workshop where they can try out new ideas with a specific goal of coming up with 5 minutes that they will perform in front of friends and family at Gotham Comedy Club at their graduation show.

Students can learn traditional joke formulas, and various writing exercises.

The heart and soul of the class is the fact that you perform live for 6 weeks in a row and you get specific feedback from a working comic as well as your 20 fellow students who are there to help you get better.