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Students are RAVING about the new improv teacher, Erick Hellwig.

Erick Hellwig

Who's teaching it?

My new Improv Teacher, Erick Hellwig, has been getting rave reviews for four years at the PIT. He hasn't even started teaching with us yet and already former students have told me that he is the best there is.

"Erick is simply one of the best teachers out there. He has the uncanny ability to dissect improv scenes in a way that balances praise and constructive criticism."
- Steve Ling.

"The mark of a great improv teacher is if you can hear their voice guiding you in a scene. Erick is my voice. He taught me to let my scene partner affect me, and that if I ever get lost in a scene, the answer is always in my partners eyes."
- Bernard Maynore.

"The best thing about Erick's coaching is that he takes the time to give individual attention to everyone. He pinpoints strengths and weaknesses quickly and then applies that knowledge to facilitate growth. Most importantly, he's always upbeat and positive. His love of improvisation illuminates his coaching sessions."
- J.W. Crump



Monday, July 10th from 7-10 pm in Room 17A at Ripley Grier, 520 8th Ave

There is very limited space. Please reply to this email ASAP with your full name, phone number and preferred date to reserve a spot in the demo class.

The actual improv class starts June 27th. Very few spots left. I urge you to register today.