"So you want to be a comic. Well, get off your ass and do something about it. I can think of no better place to start than the Manhattan Comedy School. The faculty is exceptional. It's a roster of comics that I truly admire."

-Lewis Black, International Headliner

"The Manhattan Comedy School has helped countless young comedians get started. I recommend them."

-Jim Gaffigan, International Headliner

"I have been an aficionado of stand-up comedy for as long as I can remember, but the Manhattan Comedy School gave me the tools, and the courage, to transform myself from an observer to a participant. My classes there taught me the difference between just being funny and being a real comedian with an act, a persona, and everything else it takes to connect with an audience. It took me until middle age to make that leap, but it was worth the wait. I am now performing at New York clubs, and I have never experienced anything quite like the thrill of getting laughs with material I wrote myself. The Manhattan Comedy School made it possible."

-Peter Keepnews, Staff Editor, The New York Times

"The people who run Manhattan Comedy School go out of their way to make sure you have all the tools you need to begin a career in stand-up comedy. They are available for questions, comments, information sessions, brainstorming and, once you graduate the program, they are always ready and willing to share the contacts and connections they have all across the New York comedy scene. If you are a beginner who has always wanted to try stand-up, the MCS is a great place to get started."

-Brian Koppelman, Showtime - Billions, Oceans Thirteen

"Whoever said 'dying is easy, comedy is hard' knew exactly what they were talking about. As an industry, comedy is extremely challenging, because it is always an on-the-job learning experience. While acting can be studied or coached through any number of programs or schools, it is only through surrounding oneself with working professionals, by struggling to discover what really works for the individual, that the novice comedian earns their chops. This is what made the Manhattan Comedy School such a unique experience for me. In both the Stand-Up and Improv classes, I studied under teachers (and along with fellow students) in the midst of their own ongoing careers. It was always challenging, sometimes frightening, but totally rewarding. It is only by really putting yourself out there that you get to experience the 'thrill of the kill' on stage."

-Michael Knight , Three-Time Daytime Emmy Award Winner, All My Children

"I loved my experience at The Manhattan Comedy School. They sharpened my act, and more importantly, I find it helps me in my business dealings particularly where I'm pitching a new TV sitcom or reality show."

-Pete Lengyel , Executive Producer, Super Troopers

"Manhattan Comedy School gave me the tools and confidence to make the transition from acting out characters and interpreting texts to creating my own stand up comedy sets. I learned the basics of joke writing, the rules of comedy and most importantly, the confidence to just be myself in front of 300 people. Plus -- I got to say the word "ass" every week into a microphone! The 8 weeks are fast, they're funny and they get you working."

-Kate Rigg, Family Guy, FOX Kings of Comedy

"The class I took with at The Manhattan Comedy School exceeded my expectations. People from all levels participated and grew in an encouraging environment. Some were serious performers, some did it for the experience, yet it worked for everyone. It would definitely help people with their presentation skills in a world that is desperately in need of humor."

-Harold Theurer, Director of Sales Training for a national financial services firm

"I'm very thankful to The Manhattan Comedy School for helping me make a lifelong dream come true. For years, I was the guy on the radio interviewing comedians, going to their shows...I was always welcoming the comedian, never the comic. The classes and instruction offered at Manhattan Comedy Club reinforced my comfort in front of an audience, taught me to write and prepare material regularly and gave me the confidence to perform comedy in front of some of the best – and worst – comedy clubs that New York has to offer. Immeasurable thanks everybody at The Manhattan Comedy School for making my stand-up dream a reality."

-Mike Bower, Host, 'The Bower Show' on Sirius XM

"I think The Manhattan Comedy School is an incredible experience that everyone should try. Whether you're serious about a career in the industry or doing it just for fun, the class gave me the indescribable feeling of being onstage in front of a live audience and getting laughs. With the feedback I got from classmates (as well as the expert teaching staff), I was able to polish my material much faster than I ever could have on my own. The class gave me direction and showed me how and when to approach the industry and I've used that knowledge to secure paid work in all the major clubs in town. I currently perform 15-20 times a week and I can't say enough about the help the Manhattan comedy school gave me in reaching my goals."

-Jimmy Falia, Host, 'The Specialists', Sirius XM

"I took classes in Stand-up Comedy at The Manhattan Comedy School. The instruction was thorough and the instructor was incredibly supportive. Through the contacts I made there, I successfully submitted monologue jokes to The Late Show with David Letterman and then became a writer for The Caroline Rhea Show - and all that happened within two years of my first class! I have taken classes in stand-up comedy writing and performance elsewhere and none compare. I highly recommend The Manhattan Comedy School to all of my friends and I wouldn't send them anywhere else."

-Tami Haleva, Staff Writer, 'The Caroline Rhea Show'

"The Manhattan Comedy School was instrumental in helping me book my first Broadway show, Urinetown the Musical. I took the class in the winter of 2000, and along with tremendous instruction on how to be a quality stand-up, I learned invaluable lessons about how to make strong choices in creating a character, how to tell a story, and to truly commit to the choices I made. I auditioned for Urinetown while taking the class, with all of these things fresh in my head. As a result, I walked into the room and just went for it, applying the lessons I had learned from the class (lessons that apply to all forms of acting and performing). Three weeks later, I booked the show. I honestly do not believe I would have booked the show had I not attended this class."

-Victor W Hawks, Urinetown, Les Miserables, South Pacific

"Having just completed my obstetrics and gynecology rotation in Newark, NJ (from which I will be forever scarred), I enrolled in the Manhattan Comedy School class as a diversion from my final year in medical school. Looking back now, I realize that it was just as useful as any other course I took at that time. While gaining the courage to perform to an audience (initially I was petrified of public speaking), I learned how to develop and deliver a joke on almost any topic. I still use these skills today, not only to occasionally take the stage at NYC clubs, but also in my everyday interaction with patients, colleagues, and students"

-Jonathan Raanan, M.D, New York Spine and Brain Surgery

"The Stand-up Comedy class at Manhattan Comedy School was excellent -- I couldn't hope for a better experience. As someone completely new to the world of stand-up, I found the class supportive and encouraging. The discipline of weekly assignments got me writing and performing in less time than I thought possible. The opportunity to watch other students' work on a week-to-week basis was inspiring -- there were so many different kinds of people in the class with their own ideas of comedy. By the end of the class, I had a set I was very proud of and felt well on my way to finding my own stand-up "voice." What would have taken me years to learn painfully on my own was condensed into a few great weeks. Even as a more experienced comedian, I would go back and take the class again because it provided an excellent way to focus. Thank you, Manhattan Comedy School!"

-Julia Dion, Juilliard Acting graduate '97

We are very proud of our standup comedy school because no other standup comedy class has testimonials from many national headlining comedians with credits such as: Comedy Central, HBO, Letterman, Conan, The Daily Show, and many more.