Here at the Manhattan Comedy School, we believe that there is nothing that you cannot tell a story about. This is why we are teaching storytelling to provide your business teams with a unique opportunity to learn how to develop and connect with your target markets.

Stories can change the way you think and how you feel. This is why effective leaders have been using stories to motivate and guide their teams to new heights for generations. Storytelling has been embraced by many as one of the key concepts and techniques of communication in the corporate world. Storytelling is considered by many to be the business communication essential. If you are ready to become a better boss, or just want to improve your business, you need to learn to tell a better story. This is why the Manhattan Comedy School is proud to offer storytelling classes for the corporate individual or group.

Through the art of Storytelling we will teach you how to connect with your team and in turn, how they can better connect with their target markets. Doing this will allow them to reach their goals quicker, allowing you to set and increase your goals across all metrics, growing your business. Using different types of stories as well as helping you understand different storytelling techniques, the Manhattan Comedy School will open your eyes and ears to a different and exciting form of communication. Your associates will learn that any idea can be fantastic and exciting no matter how incredible it sounds. You just have to tell the right story!

Workshop Focus:

We will discuss different types of stories and when they can be employed strategically.

How to find your own personal narrative voice when telling a story and how it might change depending on your audience and story.

Tools and techniques used to improve and change your story as it unfolds.

How to write and create stories that are unique to you but also convey the message you want.

How to incorporate the fine details of telling a story into the creation process so that you can better prepare.

The best part is that while your team will be having a lot of fun, they will also be learning valuable skills like listening, leaving your ego at the door and how to connect with others. If we are doing our job correctly, this workshop will not feel like work at all.


Instructor's credits include: UCB, Second City, HBO and Comedy Central half hour specials, Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The View, Conan, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

In addition to being the best stand-up comedy school in New York City, and offering the best comedy classes, we also offer complete improvisation programs for corporations and colleges.

The Manhattan Comedy School's teambuilding workshop will benefit your company or college in several ways.

We will introduce the most fundamental basic rule of all Improv which is “Yes And”. We will then take that rule even further and teach everyone how to over accept an idea. That will be one of the most important rules that they will learn. Your associates will learn that any idea is fantastic and exciting no matter how ridiculous it sounds. In fact they will enthusiastically over accept it and justify it completely. They will then believe and support it a %100 “offer…accept…offer…accept…offer…accept etc.” The idea of over acceptance is not only ridiculously fun; it creates a safe environment where people feel free to share their ideas. It's all about inclusion, and valuing everyone's input.

Your associates will be learning critical thinking, trust, thinking outside out the box, brainstorming and of course team work.

Workshop breakdown:

We will divide the group into five sections. Each section will have between 12 and 15 people.

There will be two teachers per section. This will enable the teachers to perform two important exercises. The first one will be a simple traditional “Yes And…” exercise. The Second exercise they will perform will be called “Denial”, which is a very informative and funny exercise where they will break every rule of improv.

We will start with some easy warm up games and exercises. We will then progress to four or five well known improv games that will be the main keystone of the workshop.

  1. Yes with advancement- The golden rule of improv is over accept and justify
  2. TV commercial- name of product, logo, slogan, celebrity spokesperson and jingle
  3. Presents- Excitedly and energetically over accepting presents
  4. That's preposterous- Building on outrageous ideas

Even though everyone will be having a lot of fun, they will also be learning valuable skills such as listening, cooperating with co-workers and leaving your ego at the door. In improv we treat all ideas as gifts and we don't allow negativity.

Universal Rules of Improv:

  • Many people think that you have to come up with a funny or witty comment when doing improv. Nothing could be further from the truth. The key rule to remember is to be in the moment and work organically and advance the scene. Trying to be funny is the opposite of what good improv is all about. Don't try to be funny. Just listen, see, and respond.
  • You do not have to blurt out your first thought or idea when doing improv. You can take a moment to make an intelligent choice. In fact many improv scenes have dramatic pauses.
  • Never deny, never say no and never ask questions.
  • You don't have to be the center of attention. You take a back seat in the scene.
  • Don't go for the laugh or the wacky, go for the organic responses.

Lastly, this workshop will not feel like work at all. It will feel like getting together with a group of friends and just playing games. Many people become addicted to improv.

Extra benefits for hiring MCS:

I will give a complimentary ticket for two to see selected weekend shows at Gotham Comedy Club to each associate. The value of each ticket is $50.


Some of my instructor's credits include: UCB, Second City, HBO and Comedy Central half hour specials, Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The View, Conan, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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Former clients include:

  • Morgan Stanley
  • Unilever Corporation
  • Alamo Rent-A-Car
  • World Yacht
  • Mill River Country Club
  • Mohonk Mountain House
  • Radio Shack
  • Club Getaway
  • Loft Restaurant
  • Trinity Boxing Club

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Andrew Engel, is our Comedy Booker. He has been producing shows in New York City since 1993. Thanks to Andrew's reputation, dedication, and professional standards, his New Talent nights have become the premier show for discovering and developing fresh comedic talent. Headliners who have appeared on his shows include Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, Lewis Black, Ray Romano, Susie Essman, Joy Behar, Dave Attel, Eddie Brill (David Letterman's segment producer), and many more. He also works with a number of corporate CEOs and is the co-producer of the show Funny Business, which has featured Carl Icahn, Barbara Corcoran, Donny Deutsch, and many other titans of business.

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